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About Catacoustic Consort

The Catacoustic Consort is a boutique early music ensemble, presenting a variety of vocal and instrumental music from Renaissance chamber music to Baroque opera, with the intent of truthfully recreating the sound of the music as heard during the times of its composition. Founded in 2001 in Cincinnati USA, and relocated to southern Germany in 2021, Catacoustic Consort has toured throughout North and South America (e.g. Colombia, San Francisco Early Music Society, various Viola da Gamba Society of America Conclaves, St. Louis Art Museum, University of Oregon, Indianapolis Early Music Festival, etc.), and is now becoming a presence in Europe. Under the leadership of Artistic Director Annalisa Pappano, Catacoustic Consort has welcomed many guest artists from all parts of the globe and won awards and grants for its numerous recordings and extensive concert programming, including the grand prize winner of the Naxos Early Music America Live Recording Competition. 

Catacoustic Consort has been the continuo group on opera productions with Cincinnati Opera and the College-Conservatory of Music, and produced several Operas on its own. This included the world premiere of Marc Antoine Charpentier’s opera La Fête de Ruel, which was commissioned in 1685 for a grand party honoring King Louis XIV. Since the guest of honor canceled his visit, so was the premiere of the opera. 

A bio of Ms. Pappano as a soloist and chamber musician, separate from Catacoustic Consort, can be found here

The music is performed on period instruments such as the viola da gamba, lirone, pardessus de viole, theorbo, organ, harpsichord, Baroque guitar, and lute. In addition to a historically informed approach to performing music, Catacoustic wishes to convey an understanding of the then surrounding life and times. This includes humanities presentations to accompany its programs, as well as juxtaposing music and artwork. To that extent, the Catacoustic Consort has given many concerts in collaboration with the Cincinnati Art Museum, St. Louis Art Museum, Taft Museum, and has recently initiated a new partnership with the Barockmuseum Oberaudorf.

The Catacoustic Consort is dedicated to the early music community in its place of residence. Catacoustic funded a young artist training program, provided a rental program of early instruments, offered annual grants for instruments, training, or early music education, and sponsored the annual Cincinnati Early Music Festival, which celebrates local musicians engaged in the performance of early music, and is also committed to outreach to senior citizens. Catacoustic wishes to renew this sense of community in due course in its new home.

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